Military Bottom Squeals For Mercy

Categories: Amateur, Big Cock, Blowjob, Hardcore, Uniform

Tags: action, baseball, big, bottom, breaks, cars, champ, cock, cool, disappear, fast, fest, fingers, flash, fly, full, gay, gun, happy, heavy, hot, huge, lets, long, making, mercy, military, music, relaxed, running, seth, sex, start, strangers, studio, suck, takes, tears, turn, watch, world

Description: Brad and Seth are strangers to each other but not to my studio. Brad is still a new-comer to the world of gay sex, but Seth and his huge cock are more than experienced in that departament. They start out innocently enough telling tales about fast cars, music, and baseball. One look at Seth and you can tell just how revved up he is getting. After a little making out Brad gets a little more relaxed, and in a flash they get into a long-legged 69 suck-fest. Fingers start to disappear as the action gets hot and heavy, and it is Seth who breaks out his big gun first. Brad takes it like a champ after only a few tears and a little squealing. And the ever cool and collected Seth takes his turn as a very very happy bottom should. Both of them are running full throttle and you just have to watch to see who really lets the ropes fly, and who gets it in the eye!


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